Cardio: What Is It and How to Start

‘Cardio’ is a term often bounded about that many will reference without fully understanding. ‘Cardio’ in the true sense of the word simply means that it is related to the heart, but that can be used in a range of subjects; medicine, science, and, of course, in exercise and general health. But what actually is […]

Boxing: The Basics Before the Kick-Off

If you’re just starting boxing as a hobby or are already involved in it as a semi-professional sport, there are a great many considerations to be taken into account in order to ensure safety, but also an enjoyable time. Remember primarily that boxing is a contact sport, and so there are going to be a […]

Body Flaws: The Most Common Imperfections That Really Aren’t

With all of the pressures from society on how females should look, it is easy to get wrapped up in a cycle of self-criticism, looking at parts of our bodies and most of the time just finding something we don’t like and see as an imperfection. The truth is that most women have something about […]

5 Examples of Female Fitness Guru’s to Spark Your Motivation

For women, fitness can often be impeded and mired by societal expectations. Male preconceptions about the female form, coupled with a lot of fitness influencers and the like being ‘male-centric’ means that an already arduous journey to fitness is made even harder. Thankfully, more and more women are rightfully staking their claims and becoming huge […]

10 Great Fitness Quotes to Boost Your Motivation as a Female

Sometimes, we know exactly what we want to say but we can’t get the right words out. Similarly, we very often want to get out there and exercise or work out, but we just can’t find the motivation. That’s where we should look to others for inspiration. There are some quotes and one liners out […]

Can Smoothies Be Unhealthy?

Incorporating smoothies into your diet not only gives your body all the vitamins, minerals and fiber it needs, but it also helps your digestion, as the foods are blended and therefore easier for your body to process. Additionally, blending a smoothie means that you use the whole fruit or vegetable and can therefore keep all […]

Winter Baking for Good Nutrition and Ambience

Don’t you love all of the foods we cook in the winter time? All of the cookies and heavy stews and sauces. It’s so great, the ambiance those foods provide. But these foods tend to not be the most heart healthy foods. If you’re thinking about your health, but also want the sights and smells […]

Weight Loss Exercise

A lot of us live our lives like penned animals. Built to move, too often we put ourselves in a cage. We have bodies designed for racing across the savannas, but we live a lifestyle designed for migrating from the bed to the breakfast table; to the car seat; to the office chair; to the […]

Vegetarian vs Raw Food

Is there a difference between vegetarian and raw food diets? A raw foodist is a vegetarian, but one who generally is not going to cook his vegetables or fruits. A vegetarian is someone who simply doesn’t eat meat, fish or poultry, but only consumes vegetables, pasta, and rice. A vegetarian might eat meatless spaghetti sauce […]

Tips for a Successful Career in Sports Medicine

People are always looking for ways in which they can have a highly successful career and there are things that you can do to really increase the chances of being successful. However, if you simply overlook some tips you can still have a fulfilling career while other tips are quite necessary in order to succeed. […]